Monday, 14 January 2013

Shingle Street

Aid & Abet have very kindly asked me to be Artist in Residence at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge every Wednesday until the end of February. I start this Wednesday 16th January.

I am yet to do proper research on Kettle's Yard. Here are some notes and pondering...

One time Assistant Curator of the Tate, previously painter with the Newlyn School and student at the Slade, Jim Ede lived with his wife Helen Ede (née Schlapp) in Kettle's Yard, a house he converted from four cottages in 1956.

Harold Stanley Ede, Jim Ede's real name, is a name I like. My grandfather was called Stanley Eade and it sounds to me a Thomas Hardy-like reliable name, like Gabriel Oak, or the less reliable Angel Clare.

Whilst living at Kettle's Yard, Jim Ede became obsessed with T. E. Lawrence, writing to him several times a day. T. E. Lawrence was meanwhile stationed at Bawdsey Manor, Suffolk, requisitioned from Sir William Cuthbert Quilter's family during the war it had become the first radar station.

I used to teach art  at Bawdsey Manor a long time ago, in the decontamination shower unit. The manor has a magnificent room with a padded, red and gold leather  interior. T.E.  Lawrence used to drive his boyfriends up and down the shore at nearby Shingle Street on the back of his motorbike. Burnt bodies were found during WWII on the beach at Shingle Street and more recently a fin whale, the cause of death for both remain a mystery.

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